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Bit-error rate tester supports speeds up to 28.6Gb/s

26 Sep 2012

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Tektronix has released its BERTScope BSA286C that according the company allows engineers to test and analyse components and equipment at speeds up to 28.6Gb/s. As such, the device can be used in 100Gb/s Ethernet, 16Gb/s Fibre Channel, USB 3.0 and other serial data streams, noted the company.

The BERTScope BSA286C can generate test patterns at lengths up to PRBS31 (1031-1), which is becoming the norm for testing the highest speed serial links. You can add impairments such as sinusoidal jitter to the test pattern for receiver stressed-eye testing. For testing transmitters, the BERTScope can, because it's a bit-error rate (BER) tester, measure BER directly or it can extrapolate BER based on jitter measurements out to 10-10 BER. For measuring smaller BER levels down to 10-12, you can operate the instrument like a traditional BERT and count errors over time.

Because jitter consists of many components, the instrument decomposes jitter into such as bounded uncorrolated jitter (BUJ), data-dependent jitter (DDJ), duty-cycle distortion (DCD) and intersymbol interference (ISI). The screen uses flowcharts called jitter maps to graphically show how jitter is decomposed. The instrument also decomposes jitter into emphasis jitter (EJ), uncorrelated jitter (UJ), data dependent pulse width shrinkage (DDPWS) and non-ISI jitter. According to Tektronix, the BERTScope is the only instrument that performs this analysis.

Because of the high data rates, and short bit widths, the noise that an instrument adds to its own measurement must be small enough to product meaningful results. The jitter noise floor in the BSA286C is.

Boasting just 300fs jitter noise, the BSA286C also generates eye diagrams from incoming data streams, enabling compliance tests using eye masks. A sampling of the eye masks includes 40Gb/s and 100Gb/s Ethernet (IEEE 802.3ba, 16Gb/s Fibre Channel, SONET, USB 3.0, XFI and XAUI). Mask tests lets you perform jitter peak-measurements, BER contour measurements, and Q-factor analysis.

Prices start at $374,000.

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