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Achieving STARC, DO-254 compliance using HDL coder

24 Dec 2014  | Kiran Kintali

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Here is a classification of coding rules supported by HDL Coder in the generated RTL.

 Coding standard rule

Figure 1: Coding standard rule categories in HDL Coder.

Generate an HDL coding standard report
To generate an HDL coding standard report using the command line interface, set the HDLCodingStandard property to Industry when using the makehdl command to generate code from a model.

HDL coding standard report
The HDL coding standard report shows that a generated HDL code conforms to an industry coding standard selected when generating code.

The report points to problematic modelling issues in MATLAB code and Simulink models that can lead to coding standard compliance errors, warnings, and messages in the generated RTL. Errors and warnings in the report link to elements in the original design so that engineers can fix problems and then regenerate code. Messages show where the coder automatically corrected the code to conform to the coding standard.

The report also lists the rules in the coding standard with which the generated code complies. Engineers can inspect the report to see which coding standard rules the coder checks.

 Coding Standard report

Figure 2: Coding Standard report for Simulink model 'demo_double/Sub-system'

Rule summary
The rule summary section shows the total numbers of errors, warnings, and messages, and lists the corresponding rules. Each rule shown in the summary links to the rule in the detailed rule hierarchy section.

Rule hierarchy

The rule hierarchy section lists every rule that the coder checks within these three categories:

 • Basic coding practices, including rules for names, clocks, and reset.
 • RTL description techniques, including rules for combinatorial and synchronous logic, operators, and finite state machines.
 • RTL design methodology guidelines, including rules for ports, function libraries, files, and comments.

HDL coding standard rules
When engineers generate a HDL coding standard report, the following table shows examples of industry standard rules that may appear due to problematic constructs in their model. The errors can be fixed or warnings related to these rules by updating the Simulink model or code.

 Coding Standard report

Customisations to Coding Standard Report and Conformance Checks

 GUI panel

Figure 3: Coding standard customisations GUI panel in MATLAB HDL Coder workflow advisor

HDL Coder allows customisation of several coding standard rules using the 'HDLCodingStandardCustomisations' property-value settings or the GUI pane in the MATLAB or Simulink workflow advisors.

Generate an HDL Lint Tool Script

 Turnkey integration

Figure 4: Turnkey integration of HDL Coder with third-party lint tools.

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