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Fish eye camera finds new application in ADAS

11 May 2015 | Christoph Hammerschmidt

Automotive supplier Continental used a prototype vehicle to demonstrate the use of fish eye camera technology to actively assist drivers while backing up.

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• Use driver ICs smart thermal protection to extend LED lighting lifeNEW!
In this webinar, you will learn about the different ways to extend the lifetime of LED systems—from the basic to the very advanced methods??/p>

• A system solution for high power SMPS
you will learn about: What is a system? SMPS design and typical requirements; Infineon's products for SMPS design; A demo for the highest SMPS efficiency??

• Over temperature protection for LED lighting
This paper details how LED driver ICs with smart over temperature protection can help you increase lifetime and optimise system cost.??

Design Centre

Signal processing improves digitizer performance 18/05/2016
In this article, we investigate the application of several signal processing tools including averaging, FFT and filtering.

Enhancing automotive safety, reliability with SafeAdapt 21/03/2016
Learn about the SafeAdapt project, which aims to develop a new E/E architecture for future vehicles in which adaptive systems ensure safe, reliable and cost-effective mobility.

Building stimulus-response system with AWG, digitiser 18/03/2016
Combining modular digitisers and arbitrary waveform generators in one system provides a cost effective and efficient way to meet an extensive range of automated test requirements.

Preventing pressure spikes with vented housing 04/12/2015
Shutting off the engine causes huge pressure spikes, posing challenges for electronics housings. Know how vents make it possible for pressure to be continuously equalised so such dangerous spikes don't happen.

Electronic control system partitioning in autonomous cars 09/11/2015
The evolution of assisted and automated-drive features into fully autonomous vehicles will significantly increase the workload of vehicle electronic control and information systems.

Improving PSI5 silicon validation setup 06/11/2015
Peripheral Sensor Interface 5 is used to connect peripheral sensors to electronic control units in automotive electronics. Find out how to enhance its silicon validation setup.

Test strategies for the connected car 29/10/2015
It is not necessary to invent test strategies for connected cars from scratch. A look over the fence could help<b>—</b>the mobile industry has already rich experience in testing complex wireless systems.

Post-silicon testing finds corner-case issues 21/10/2015
This article consolidates the various areas identified for post-silicon stress tests on automotive SoC to enable early detection of system level issues.

Advances in magnetic materials for electric motors 14/10/2015
Engineers developing today's electric motors focus on power density and efficiency as the two key parameters. Learn about the advances in magnetic materials and technologies for this purpose.

Future cars as mobile supercomputers 12/10/2015
The right blend of hardware and software-based processing, with image recognition algorithms, will be critical to satisfying tight constraints on thermal management, cost and power consumption.

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Design Ideas

Voltage transient protection for switching regulators 15/04/2016
This circuit provides a highly cost-effective method for clamping an input voltage from a battery input with transients as high as 50V to take advantage of a 20V, 3MHz regulator.

Replacing master vibrator for Model T and TT Ford 12/02/2015
Here is a possible solution that does not require any permanent modification to the Model T. We cover some revisions to make the circuit easier to build and more efficient.

Repurposing switcher for HB-LED flashing beacon 11/08/2014
A classic, low-cost switcher IC is repurposed to flash a high-brightness LED in this minimal-parts-count design idea. The heart of the circuit is an MC34063 originally intended for DC-DC converters.

EMS testing with pulsed power supply device 01/07/2014
A smart hardware device can be retrofitted to any commercially available test-bench power supply module for testing engine management systems in critical power failure conditions.

Product Centre

Automotive-grade capacitors feature extended voltage range 19/05/2016
Vishay Intertechnology announced that the voltage range for its automotive-grade 146 CTI and 160 CLA series of surface-mount aluminum capacitors was extended to 100V and 80V, respectively.

Mobileye, ST to build core for self-driving cars 19/05/2016
Mobileye and STMicroelectronics are co-developing the next generation of Mobileye's SoC to act as the central computer performing sensor fusion for Fully Autonomous Driving vehicles starting in 2020.

ST rolls out 16V rail-to-rail op amps for industrial apps 18/05/2016
The four devices under the TSX7 series have a supply voltage range of 2.7V to 16V and low input bias current of 50pA maximum, targeting industrial equipment, medical instrumentation and car ECUs.

NXP platform to streamline design of self-driving cars 18/05/2016
The BlueBox engine works in NXP's autonomous vehicles platform to provide the technology needed to meet the stringent safety, power and processing performance requirements of the automotive industry.

Processors for car safety apps feature DSP, cache support 13/05/2016
Synopsys extended its Safety Enhancement Package (SEP) to Synopsys' DesignWare ARC EM processors, the ARC EM4, EM6, EM5D and EM7D cores, which are certified ASIL D Ready by SGS-TUV Saar.

Parrot brings automotive infotainment to the next level 11/05/2016
The Octopus 3+ embeds an ARM Cortex-A5 processor with a fully-featured Linux system, as well as Parrot connectivity middleware for Bluetooth and voice recognition for connected in-vehicle environments.

Common mode chokes for cars support CAN, FlexRay 06/05/2016
Chilisin announced the common mode chokes series CUW43 that allows a halogen-free implementation, and the products that meet RoHS and REACH guidelines.

Noise generator for testing car communication systems 29/04/2016
The AING-5000 from Spirent lets you inject controlled noise from 10kHz to 600MHz into BroadR-Reach automotive Ethernet for functional testing, pre-compliance testing and troubleshooting.

SiP format magnetic position sensors ensure car safety 28/04/2016
The AS5170 and AS5171 sensors from Ams target applications such as chassis height, gear shifters, electronic power steering, exhaust gas recirculation and brake pedal as well as throttle position sensing.

Automotive monolithic ceramic capacitors flaunt high Q 22/04/2016
The GCQ series from Murata features high Q characteristics aimed at vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure communication vehicle to X (V2X) applications.

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News Centre

Sensor fusion rising: Mobileye/ST out autonomous car platform 19/05/2016
While NXP is promoting the Bluebox engine, ST and Mobileye are aiming to enter the sensor fusion market, where, Mobileye is convinced that vision is enough to enable autonomous driving.

Google, FCA team up for self-driving tech 13/05/2016
Fiat Chrysler Automobiles will incorporate Google's technology that includes sensors as well as software, into about 100 Chrysler hybrid minivan Pacifica vehicles, media reports indicate.

Marvell automotive centre boosts car Gigabit Ethernet design 03/05/2016
The Automotive Centre of Excellence will focus on the development of (Gigabit) Ethernet switches, end node SoCs (eSoCs), gateways and related software.

Need for automotive power feels the squeeze 08/04/2016
The volume of computing power inside the car is steadily rising, with some of the biggest improvements to processor horsepower moving into the dashboard and the infotainment systems it has.

Tire sensor technology may soon be available commercially 07/04/2016
Silent Sensors is working with CPI for a mass-manufactured version of the "Internet of Tires." System is expected to improve travel safety and bring down costs for haulage companies.

Vehicle-to-vehicle comms at core of car smart technology 07/04/2016
RoadLINK uses wireless communications standard IEEE 802.11p and NXP radar technology to enable trucks to exchange information in real time and automatically brake in response to the lead truck.

NXP dominates $28.2B OE automotive sector in 2015 06/04/2016
Semicast revealed that Infineon Technologies surpassed Renesas Electronics to become the second largest vendor, with STMicroelectronics and Texas Instruments completing the top five.

Self-driving Ford Fusion hybrid can navigate in winter 30/03/2016
Ford's testing on this full-scale simulated urban campus is aimed at supporting the company's mission to learn about and advance the emerging field of autonomous driving.

Ford to enhance driver awareness via wearables 24/03/2016
The car maker has a new wearables research laboratory that focuses on integrating wearable devices and vehicles to improve driver-assist technologies.

McLaren explores electric hypercars 07/03/2016
McLaren, which is working on a next-generation hybrid system, claims that more than half its cars will be hybrids by the end of the six-year plan.

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