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Supporting telecom power supply during brownouts

22 Mar 2016 | Samuel Kerem

Learn how to use a charge pump so that the energy stored in a small capacitor can support the operation of a brick telecom power supply during brownouts.

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• Use driver ICs smart thermal protection to extend LED lighting lifeNEW!
In this webinar, you will learn about the different ways to extend the lifetime of LED systems—from the basic to the very advanced methods…

• A system solution for high power SMPS
you will learn about: What is a system? SMPS design and typical requirements; Infineon's products for SMPS design; A demo for the highest SMPS efficiency…

• Over temperature protection for LED lighting
This paper details how LED driver ICs with smart over temperature protection can help you increase lifetime and optimise system cost.…

Design Centre

Fixing a wireless network link 17/05/2016
Here is a particular case of troubleshooting a 200m wireless network link with a performance inversely correlated to dampness, where wet snow or heavy rain wipes out the link.

Cut CAN power consumption with partial networking 16/05/2016
One way to reduce system energy consumption is to shut down elements not currently being used. To use this approach in CAN systems, however, requires re-imagining CAN controller architectures.

Grasping illumination pattern 02/05/2016
In this article, we discuss the nominal illumination pattern of a radar antenna.

Examining network functions virtualisation 25/04/2016
Read about network functions virtualisation, an alternative approach for network operators touted to revolutionise the mobile network.

Dealing with platform interference 04/01/2016
In this article, we will show what this noise looks like, how to measure it and suggest some remediation.

Parasitic extraction techniques for touchscreens 28/12/2015
With the right tools and the right techniques, designers can overcome parasitic extraction, which is one of the major verification challenges for touchscreens.

Minimising SAR with proximity sensor 28/12/2015
One solution for managing specific absorption rate is to build a capacitive proximity sensor into a mobile device. Know the several factors that make this sensor ideal for such applications.

Prying Eyes: Fitness tracker that drives chip demand 07/12/2015
Last year, Microsoft released its first band, which could just as well have been considered a smart watch. Let's see what's inside this fitness tracking device.

Employing embedded email 03/12/2015
In this article, some creative uses of well established email protocols are outlined. This approach enables some quite imaginative functionality to be added to devices with minimal effort and cost.

Flexible RF front end designs for regional smartphones 24/11/2015
The common specifications for mid-tier regional smartphones can be met with a single PCB design by using region-specific RF front-end modules.

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Design Ideas

Simplifying software-defined radio with filter 26/04/2016
Find out how to use Linear Technology LTC1992 filter to replace four op amps in the signal chain of a software-defined radio.

Supporting telecom power supply during brownouts 22/03/2016
Learn how to use a charge pump so that the energy stored in a small capacitor can support the operation of a brick telecom power supply during brownouts.

IF output signal switch reduces noise in shortwave receivers 27/01/2014
This article describes how putting a signal switch in a mixer's IF output can serve as an effective noise suppression strategy for shortwave radio receivers.

LEDs light LAN-cable tester 01/03/2011
Cable and connector faults are relatively common in LANs. To test straight- or cross-link 10BaseT, 100BaseT, or gigabit UTP and STP cables.

Microcontroller drives DSEC motors 01/02/2011
Eutelsat defined the DSEC control protocol, which has been in existence since 1998. DSEC motors offer a resolution angle as high as 0.1 degrees. This makes them useful as low-cost alternatives to stepper motors.

Product Centre

Flexible antennas support global 3G, 4G, LTE bands 17/05/2016
The plug-and-play antennas from Antenova can be folded and inserted inside a small electronic device, where they will operate flat, folded or curved.

OpenVPX backplane promises up to 10.3Gbaud signal integrity 16/05/2016
Dawn VME Products announced the VPX-5987 3U OpenVPX backplane that supports both PCIe Gen3 and 10 GbE (XAUI) module configurations, operating from -40°C to 105°C.

Molex debuts SST PB3-CPX modules for PROFIBUS controllers 11/05/2016
The modules allow high-performance, low-cost solutions for industrial automation applications and are compatible with Master DP-V0 Class-1; Master DP-V1 Class-1 and Class-2; and Slave DP-V0 protocols.

50W GaN power amp supports frequency up to 6GHz 04/05/2016
The PE15A5025 from Pasternack features a compact and rugged design, and promises high levels of output power and efficiency and has the advantage of high output load impedance.

Programmable crystal oscillators boast lower current usage 25/04/2016
The SG-8101 series and SG-9101 series from Seiko Epson draw 2.9mA to 7mA over the 20MHz to 170MHz range (with a 3.3V supply voltage).

Linear Tech transceivers safeguard Profibus networks 21/04/2016
The LTC2876 and LTC2877 RS-485 devices operate with a 5V supply, but can operate down to 3V for low-power, low-swing applications in commercial, industrial and automotive markets.

Marvell improves Broadband peak capacity with VectorBoost 07/04/2016
The new technology is designed to complement Marvel's platforms, extending ultra-broadband access from fiber cabinet to user's homes and offering end-to-end cost savings.

Atmel to release new compact, ultra-low power BLE modules 04/04/2016
Available in 4.5mm x 5.5mm LGA and 7.5mm x 10.5mm packages, the latest addition to the company's Bluetooth portfolio prolongs battery life three times in wearables and IoT applications.

Magnetic sensor achieves 5x better noise level 01/04/2016
Designed for wearables and mobile devices, the MMC3630KJ from MEMSIC integrates a monolithic 3-axis AMR sensor and signal conditioning ASIC that deliver magnetic sensitivity in the range of ±30 gauss.

Data logger allows engineers to track, record data via cloud 24/03/2016
Information received from miniature transmitter modules and recorded by the data logger is read out via the latter's USB interface and analysed using MSR PC software.

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News Centre

RF-powered IoT computing platform casts off batteries 10/05/2016
Researchers at the University of Washington, together with a team at Delft University of Technology, created a mini sensor-based computing platform that can be programmed to create IoT applications.

Three prophecies for high speed serial link systems 10/05/2016
The latest DesignCon unveiled insights pertaining to the future of signal integrity, including the expected slowdown of the roll out of 28Gbit/s systems as well as roadblocks for 56Gbit/s PAM4 systems.

MISRA updates guidelines for secure C programmes 06/05/2016
The new rules in the amended guidelines will help developers following the MISRA standard to avoid coding practises that can introduce security vulnerabilities.

Network unifies design services into single programme 02/05/2016
Altera provides its DSN members streamlined access to the latest development tools, software, IP and technical support to accelerate customer FPGA and embedded design or product development.

Fusing DDC with low voltage tech for IoT, wearables 25/04/2016
The team up aims to develop a best-in-class extreme-low power (ELP) platform for IC fabrication with the associated ecosystem to enable chip designs for energy-critical wearable and IoT devices.

Fujitsu develops breath sensor device for early disease detection 21/04/2016
To aid in early-detection of lifestyle diseases, Fujitsu laboratories developed a breath sensor device that extracts and measures the specified gas components correlated with diseases.

Keysight, Bluetest team up to simplify advanced OTA solutions 14/04/2016
Keysight has integrated its UXM Wireless Test Set into Bluetest's reverberation chamber OTA test solutions, enabling mutual customers to make measurements quickly and with confidence.

Eclipse Edje aims to accelerate IoT with Java API 15/03/2016
The Eclipse Edje Open Source IoT Project will define application programming interfaces (APIs) for resource-constrained devices that provide the basic services essential to IoT applications.

Mood sensing tech uses GPS to detect depression 29/02/2016
University of Birmingham and University College London researchers are looking at the potential of GPS to generate data to unobtrusively monitor moods and detect, or even predict, depression.

WiFi HaLow fully digital polar transmitter targets IoT apps 10/02/2016
Imec and Holst Centre unveiled a 1.3nJ/b fully digital polar transmitter optimised for Internet of Things applications and the novel IEEE 802.11ah WiFi protocol during the recent ISSCC 2016.

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