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Flexible port switching, role swapping come to USB

07 Jul 2015 | Bernard Cole

FlexConnect allows a mobile device to plug into a USB host and take control of system functions, along with other USB connected devices whose access was previously only available via the root hub.

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• Use driver ICs smart thermal protection to extend LED lighting lifeNEW!
In this webinar, you will learn about the different ways to extend the lifetime of LED systems—from the basic to the very advanced methods…

• A system solution for high power SMPS
you will learn about: What is a system? SMPS design and typical requirements; Infineon's products for SMPS design; A demo for the highest SMPS efficiency…

• Over temperature protection for LED lighting
This paper details how LED driver ICs with smart over temperature protection can help you increase lifetime and optimise system cost.…

Design Centre

Analogue meters: Maximising your meter 13/05/2015
In this instalment of the series on analogue meters, we will look into shunts and multipliers, as well as introduce additional types of meters.

Grasping the propagating plane wave 05/05/2015
This article will show with pictures how the fields of a plane wave interact to generate each other with almost no math. To do this, we will introduce two ideas that may be unfamiliar to some readers.

Analogue meters: High voltage and current levels 04/05/2015
In this instalment of this series on analogue meters, we will look into shunts and multipliers, as well as introduce additional types of meters.

Experiencing the thrill of movement in analogue meters 29/04/2015
Knowledge of analogue meters and how to use them can often be a very useful thing to have. In this article, we will look into the different parts and types of this instrument.

Choosing flexible cable assemblies 16/03/2015
With flexible cables, assemblers can draw 2D assemblies knowing that when the cable is installed, it can be easily bent to fit right. This article explains what you should look for in flexible cables.

The evolution of the humble yet mighty resistor 10/10/2014
Do you ever wonder where we would be without resistors? In this article, we will talk about the various types of resistors, and the ways these components have evolved over the years.

Boost performance with embedded Flash 08/10/2014
Fabless chip designers seeking to embed nonvolatile memory should look into the parameters described in this article before releasing their designs to a foundry.

RDIMM vs LRDIMM: What changed for the better? 10/09/2014
LRDIMM, in general, has continued to evolve and improve its value to system users. Know the particular advances the industry has made with this particular memory technology.

Understanding acoustic design for MEMS microphones 17/04/2014
Here are some basic guidelines for optimising a microphone's acoustic path.

Choosing a modular waveform digitizer 05/03/2014
Knowing what to ask about your application is the key to selecting the right digitizer.

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Design Ideas

How to control a dc motor using your PC 23/04/2015
In this article, we show how a circuit can be utilised to control the speed of a 5V permanent-magnet dc motor through the parallel port of a PC.

PSoC-based audio spectrum analyser using NeoPixels 16/09/2014
Due to constrained timing requirements, controlling a string of NeoPixels can be a little tricky. Fortunately, a UDB-based driver is available for use with Cypress Semiconductor's PSoC devices.

Water and vandal-proof keypad design 02/05/2014
Here's a clever and low-cost method to create a rugged UI.

Eliminating guesswork in 3D printer levelling 11/04/2014
The writer proposes a device that can be placed on the rails and used to measure the platform to print head height at each adjustment point in order to improve bed levelling for 3D printers.

One wire delivers power, data to LCD module 06/02/2014
Here's a cheap solution if you need to connect a small remote LCD display, or yourµC has run out of I/O pins.

Fabricating a high-resolution sensor-to-USB interface 03/01/2012
The design is based on a $8 microcontroller that features an 8051 architecture as well as a PGA (programmable-gain amplifier) and a 24bit sigma-delta ADC.

Product Centre

Python features data acquisition support 02/05/2016
Microstar Laboratories Inc. unveiled DAPtools for Python, a software API extension that enables high-performance data acquisition applications written using the Python programming language.

Keysight unveils PCIe 12bit card performing at real-time FFTs 26/04/2016
Keysight's FFT application has an input bandwidth of up to 1.4GHz at 3.2 Gsamples/s and resolution of 97.66kHz per spectral line. The application provides highly improved fixed-point arithmetic that eliminates deteriorating effects.

Vuforia AR platform for enterprise to support HoloLens 05/04/2016
PTC said its Vuforia augmented reality platform is now Microsoft HoloLens-capable and touts the power to connect experiences to specific things in the environment.

Analog Devices introduce RF amplifier library models 22/03/2016
The ADI Sys-Parameter library of 100 RF amps range from gain blocks to power amplifiers covering frequencies from DC to 86GHz. These components serve wireless, test and measurement and radar apps.

Xilinx's Ethernet Portfolio enables accelerated designs 17/03/2016
The series offers power reduction and logic savings. It also allows the development of switches and core routers that meet increasing bandwidth requirements of mobile devices and cloud computing.

18W desktop adapters meet US, EU efficiency standards 16/03/2016
With no-load power consumption at less than 0.075W, the PSAA18U series is suitable for a wide range of consumer electronics applications, including portable equipment, access devices, peripherals and network hubs.

4K UHD over USB-C designed for handsets 15/03/2016
Requiring only a single signal channel, the reference design for smartphones reduces the number of wires on a PCB, potentially reducing crosstalk and improving signal integrity.

Dev't platform streamlines IoT edge-to-enterprise projects 03/03/2016
The Avnet Memec-Silica Visible Things platform delivers tested, proven, secure and integrated hardware and embedded software to connect smart sensors and embedded devices via gateway solutions or LPWAN.

ARM processor streamlines 5G modem, mass storage dev't 22/02/2016
The Cortex-R8 processor, which will support the roll-out of the LTE-Advanced Pro and 5G standards, will enable chip designers to double the performance of ARM-based modems.

Silicon Motion upbeat on 3D NAND controller release 27/01/2016
The company unleashed a SATA SSD controller supporting 3D NAND from multiple vendors and supports provisioning of higher capacity SSDs, from a broad range of vendors, up to 2Tbyte.

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News Centre

Wireless oscilloscope connects to iOS devices 13/04/2016
The Aeroscope, developed by engineers from Keysight Technologies, is an iOS-based oscilloscope that pinches gestures for setting vertical and horizontal sensitivity.

Monday Quiz: USB Type-C connectors (Part 2) 25/01/2016
Last week, we posted five questions about the USB Type-C connector. This week, you get off easy because there are just four questions to answer.

Panasonic, Facebook join hands for optical data archiver 25/01/2016
The companies developed freeze-ray, which is intended for large-scale cold storage in data centre and enterprise networks, giving Facebook users long-term access to their digital photos and videos.

Intel, Google lead development of 48V servers 22/01/2016
Intel's current prototype board uses 48V for the main power rails and 12V for secondary ones, seeking feedback from big data centre operators such as Google.

RISC-V welcomes Google, HP, Oracle 29/12/2015
Even if it gains significant traction, RISC-V is not likely to have any major impact on ARM and Mips, given those vendors are well established with broad sets of customers and partners.

CTO describes BrainChip's neural network architecture 18/12/2015
The circuit implementation of SNAP64, the company's spiking neural network architecture, is all-digital although the spikes are spatially and temporally distributed and asynchronous.

Top 3 tech developments in 2015 16/12/2015
EDN Asia reviewed some of the most valuable inventions and developments in the electronics industry, and chose three innovations that made the biggest impact to our readers.

Imagination, PEZY team up to create net-gen HPC systems 26/11/2015
The collaboration will allow PEZY to integrate Imagination's 64bit MIPS Warrior CPUs in its next-generation PEZY-SC2 many-core processors for supercomputers and other high-performance applications.

Forthcoming ARM-based server SoC runs up to 3GHz 13/11/2015
Applied Micro Circuits Corp. has revealed its third-generation ARM-based server SoC, the X-Gene 3, running at up to 3GHz and made in a 16nm TSMC process that will sample late next year.

Micron combines DIMM, SSD to boost 'up-time' 12/11/2015
The 'persistent memory' integrates a non-volatile combo DRAM/NAND flash that connects a standard DIMM to self-powered SSD that backs-up in-memory data when power goes down using built-in-ultracap.

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