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HomeKit sol'n targets Bluetooth Smart SoCs

06 Jul 2015

The SDK from Nordic combined with the nRF51 SoCs promises to give developers a unique solution for HomeKit products that meets all requirements on size, power consumption and performance.

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• Use driver ICs smart thermal protection to extend LED lighting lifeNEW!
In this webinar, you will learn about the different ways to extend the lifetime of LED systems—from the basic to the very advanced methods…

• A system solution for high power SMPS
you will learn about: What is a system? SMPS design and typical requirements; Infineon's products for SMPS design; A demo for the highest SMPS efficiency…

• Over temperature protection for LED lighting
This paper details how LED driver ICs with smart over temperature protection can help you increase lifetime and optimise system cost.…

Design Centre

Prying Eyes: Opening up a DSL gateway 09/05/2016
In this teardown, we disassemble a DSL modem-plus-router, a CenturyLink-branded ZyXEL PK5001Z,without doing any permanent damage to it.

Prying Eyes: Shocking 12V AC adapters 26/04/2016
Prepare to be shocked with this tear down, which explores a really dirty side of Chinese manufacturing. It makes you wonder how deeply this sort of thing permeates the industry.

Exploring the realm of 12V adapters 21/04/2016
While in the process of transitioning his house to 100% LEDness, the author turned to power sources. But then the problems started.

Poor design results to raspy radios 18/04/2016
Some radios have high distortion even at low volume. The result was to make speech and music always take on a raspy effect, which is quite objectionable.

Scientific results evaluation: Irreproducible results 29/03/2016
In this instalment, we will how you how easy it is for the demons of random processes to wipe out otherwise convincing results.

The search for new ribbon microphone angle 28/03/2016
Learn about the design changes, along with improved magnets that became available in the 1990s, that contributed to the success of Ribbon Microphone by Royer Labs.

Prying Eyes: Amazon's Dash Button 17/03/2016
In this teardown, we find out how much hardware Amazon was able to squeeze into such a diminutive bill-of-materials budget.

Scientific results evaluation: Rules of Thumb 10/03/2016
In this instalment, we discuss the rules of thumb for distinguishing strong results from weak. Yes, there's math, but it is pretty simple.

Scientific results evaluation: Systematic bias 08/03/2016
In this three-part series, we will cover the concepts you need to distinguish strong results from weak and to understand why some results seem more conclusive than they really are.

Prying Eyes: MoCA adapter's death by lightning strike 04/03/2016
The victim of this teardown is a lightning-zapped Actiontec ECB2200 MoCA adapter. We begin by perusing its outsides, and then proceed to examine the PCB.

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Design Ideas

Designing a home health care monitoring device 09/05/2016
Here is a case study on upgrading a health monitoring device used by patients who are managing their care at home.

The lowdown on LED strips 04/05/2016
The biggest problem the author found with the two LED strip types he evaluated is that the conductor resistance is simply too high. Read on to find out more.

Energising low-power devices wirelessly 27/04/2016
Here is a simple approach to wirelessly transmitting energy to low-power devices at distances as great as 10 cm.

Interfacing MIDI instruments to PC via USB port 29/03/2016
Find out how you can interface musical-instrument-digital-interface-equipped musical instruments to a PC via a USB port.

Creating illusions with primary colours 07/03/2016
When we watch TV, we seem to see a variety of colours. But those are really just a matrix of picture elements with green, red and blue trio of light emitting sources activated at varying intensities.

Forced quenching boosts three-transistor FM tuner 07/03/2016
It is quite impressive to have an FM tuner can be built using one transistor. This design idea is the luxury three-transistor version of that!

Boosting acoustic efficiency 05/01/2016
In this article, we show how to enhance what might be called the acoustic efficiency, which is a turn of phrase that may sound like a good thing, but it is NOT.

Designing electrochromatic circuits 24/12/2015
Here's a tutorial to get you started making your own electrochromatic circuit, which uses electricity to make something change colour.

Manage sump pumps with CMOS-NAND gates 09/12/2015
A few NAND gates can be used to control sump pumps and other pumps that keep your basement from flooding and maintain water levels in tanks.

Implement automatic on/off for secondary lamp 03/12/2015
Here is a simple circuit using just a transformer and a relay for turning on a secondary device, such as a lamp or an alarm, when a device that is normally on loses power.

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Product Centre

Anpec releases 15W stereo Class-D audio power amplifier 02/05/2016
Anpec's new 15W, stero audio power amplifier has filter free Class-D architecture that eliminates the external low pass filters.

Network-Ready dimmable LED lighting cuts energy costs 27/04/2016
The latest line-up from Energy Focus includes dimmable tubular LED lamps that operate in direct-wire mode and dual-mode, an integrated, dimmable emergency backup TLED.

Module creates power efficient smartphone protective cases 26/04/2016
The 2.9" ePaper module from E Ink targets protective cases that enable smartphones with a second display and provide additional functionality that does not drain the phone's battery.

PFC capacitors support voltages up to 690VAC 18/04/2016
The life expectancy of the B25674 series of gas-impregnated capacitors has been possible to extend by nearly 40 per cent from 130,000 to 180,000 hours.

High-current power inductors cut space in portable devices 07/04/2016
The Vishay Dale IHHP-1212ZH-01 and IHHP-1212AZ-01 offer a range of inductance values from 0.33μH to 10μH and low profiles of 0.8mm and 1mm in the compact 3mm x 3mm 1212 case size.

Magnetic sensor achieves 5x better noise level 01/04/2016
Designed for wearables and mobile devices, the MMC3630KJ from MEMSIC integrates a monolithic 3-axis AMR sensor and signal conditioning ASIC that deliver magnetic sensitivity in the range of ±30 gauss.

iCE40 Ultra supports sensors that measure heart rate 30/03/2016
The low-power platform from Lattice Semiconductor comes in a compact wrist watch form factor that suits a wide range of consumer wearable applications.

Littelfuse reed sensor needs no accessories to install 23/03/2016
Useful for battery-powered applications, the 59040 series has hermetically sealed reed contacts that endure millions of operating cycles under microcontroller voltage and current logic-level loads.

Vibram develops smartshoes that power smartphones 18/03/2016
The Italian shoe maker recently announced details of its first shoe prototype that is able to convert and use energy to charge mobile phones and external devices.

NXP introduces processor for wearables with AI capabilities 18/03/2016
The i.MX 7 series provides secure and power-efficient processing for OrCam's wearable personal assistant product, a device aimed to improve human wellness.

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News Centre

Dissipating high heat at lower surface temperature 06/05/2016
The technology may have applications with some types of solar energy, advanced lasers, power electronics and may enhance operations at large electric generating facilities.

IoT, wearables enter Disney Kingdom 04/05/2016
Disney invests $1 billion in the Internet of Things with Disney's Magic Band IoT system. Find out in the article how the band uses IoT to both grow revenue and increase efficiency.

Additive mfg allows 3D printed bones using bone powder 26/04/2016
Researchers in China are testing a new method to 3D-print bones made from actual human or animal bone powder.

Fusing DDC with low voltage tech for IoT, wearables 25/04/2016
The team up aims to develop a best-in-class extreme-low power (ELP) platform for IC fabrication with the associated ecosystem to enable chip designs for energy-critical wearable and IoT devices.

LED atomic structure opens up to reveal defect 21/04/2016
A team of researchers revealed that that there is a type of defect that exists in the atomic structure of an LED that drags performance, and removing this would provide more longer-lasting LEDs.

Sharing solutions, standardisation key to designing the future 15/04/2016
In an ESC Boston address, MIT Media Lab's research scientist and inventor Kipp Bradford talked about designing the future and how engineering has to work together with designers, artists and society.

Price, interface issues: Obstacles for VR adoption 12/04/2016
Despite offering considerable novelty, the latest VR products need better graphics, friendlier interfaces and lower prices to attract consumers.

No surprises from Apple 23/03/2016
Apple's "Let Us Loop You In" intro event last Monday leaves very little new to patrons with the introduction of the iPhone SE being tagged as 'iPhone 6s in iPhone 5s clothing.'

Element 14 partners with Startupbootcamp accelerator programme 17/03/2016
The programme will select 10 startups from around the world for an intensive three-month development process beginning September 2016 at the prototyping lab at Cocoon Networks in London.

Eclipse Edje aims to accelerate IoT with Java API 15/03/2016
The Eclipse Edje Open Source IoT Project will define application programming interfaces (APIs) for resource-constrained devices that provide the basic services essential to IoT applications.

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