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Altera storage reference design extends data centre lifetime

06 Jul 2015

Promising to double the life of NAND flash in data centre systems, the reference design includes an Arria 10 SoC with an integrated dual-core ARM Cortex A9 processor, in an optimised single-chip solution.

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• Use driver ICs smart thermal protection to extend LED lighting lifeNEW!
In this webinar, you will learn about the different ways to extend the lifetime of LED systems—from the basic to the very advanced methods…

• A system solution for high power SMPS
you will learn about: What is a system? SMPS design and typical requirements; Infineon's products for SMPS design; A demo for the highest SMPS efficiency…

• Over temperature protection for LED lighting
This paper details how LED driver ICs with smart over temperature protection can help you increase lifetime and optimise system cost.…

Design Centre

Rule of thumb: Aspect ratio for 50Ω microstrip 20/05/2016
In this article, we can explore what the ratio is for a specific value of Dk (dielectric constant) and conductor thickness.

PCB design: Managing power integrity analysis bottleneck 19/05/2016
Read about the technology that empowers PCB designers with fast access to the same trusted, comprehensive, and accurate IR-drop analysis functions used by the analysis experts.

Comparing HDL coding styles 03/05/2016
These coding styles can be very detailed, depending upon the end application the FPGA is being developed for. Read on to learn more.

Minimising FPGA debug time 29/04/2016
Learn about an incremental debug methodology that enables FPGA designers to deliver debugged designs quickly and easily, ensuring design integrity and robustness.

Urgency in the need for corona-free customs magnetics sol'ns 28/04/2016
Bicron's latest generation of VoltBoss transformers have been developed to eliminate corona failure (dielectric breakdown) for voltages up to 4.5kV in an amazingly small one sq. in. footprint.

Fast Fourier Transform: Equations and history 27/04/2016
The Fast Fourier Transform is widely used in all scientific and engineering fields. But what exactly is it? Why does it matter in signal-processing projects?

Poor design results to raspy radios 18/04/2016
Some radios have high distortion even at low volume. The result was to make speech and music always take on a raspy effect, which is quite objectionable.

Boost QoR with new gen physical RTL synthesis 13/04/2016
Next-generation physical RTL synthesis tool must have higher capacity, faster runtimes, and better QoR than what's available in traditional synthesis solutions.

Power precision SAR ADC with ultra-low power switcher 12/04/2016
Learn about a means of achieving a higher efficiency power solution for your precision successive approximation register ADC.

Giving old discretes a try 11/04/2016
These days, it seems as if everything is VLSI (and CPLD/FPGA). A lot is, but not everything. Discrete logic ICs are still to be found.

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Design Ideas

I2C interface features improved noise margin 20/05/2016
Find out how you can use optoisolators to galvanically isolate the slave devices on an I2C bus from the master device.

Testing reverse-recovery behaviour of diodes 19/05/2016
Testing the reverse-recovery time of diodes yourself proves beneficial because you cannot easily compare data sheets from different manufacturers.

Inverting sample-and-hold amp sans external resistors 18/05/2016
Eliminating external feedback resistors in an inverting sample-and-hold amplifier permits it to exploit the full bandwidth of its op amps.

Single IC forms low-cost inductance tester 18/05/2016
In this article, we show how to build a reliable, low-cost, and simple inductance tester. The basis for the tester is a Pierce buffered CMOS oscillator.

Arduino crosses over from hobbyists to professionals 16/05/2016
Every Arduino board and derivative has a standard hardware interface that allows custom designed electronics to be stacked on top of the processor board to yield the prototype of an embedded system.

Nonvolatile digital potentiometer gates logic signal 13/05/2016
Here is a simple alternative to a nonvolatile gating function you typically implement using programmable-array logic, gate-array logic, or a complex-programmable-logic device.

Swapping bits boosts performance of FPGA-PWM counter 12/05/2016
A simple change to the specification of an FPGA counter lowers the ripple of a PWM counter functioning as a DAC.

CPLD's internal oscillator does autocalibration 11/05/2016
Read about an autocalibration sequence that synchronises a CPLD's internal oscillator with an external crystal oscillator, enabling ±0.3% accuracy.

Enable PCI-bus-arbiter core with VHDL program 11/05/2016
In this article, we present a simple VHDL program that enables microprocessors or DSPs to act as PCI-bus masters.

Controlling FPGA bus without using processor 10/05/2016
Find out how to use Altera's SPI Slave to Avalon MM Bridge to provide a simple way to hop onto the Avalon bus.

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Product Centre

ST embedded design tool supports any desktop OS 16/05/2016
The STM32 development tools for the OS X comprise the STM32CubeMX graphical configuration tool and System Workbench for STM32 including drivers that enable use of ST debugging and programming probes.

SDK speeds up smart home gateway deployment 12/05/2016
The ZigBee 3.0 SDK from Qorvo allows application developers to programme a GP712-equipped gateway to communicate well with various sensors, controllers and systems within existing smart homes.

Design tool eases IP integration, hardware verification 12/05/2016
Enhancements of the Quartus Prime Pro software from Altera include faster compile time and versatile design entry methods to improve design productivity.

App design kit packs 3-phase motor drives up to 300W 10/05/2016
The iMotion Modular Application Design Kit from Infineon is a compact and flexible evaluation system that includes controller and power boards, sensor-less or optionally with sensors.

Design kit helps find the engineer in your child 10/05/2016
The Squishy Circuits kit includes multi-coloured doughs, a rolling pin and a set of dough sculpting tools, 45 LEDs, a mechanical switch, a mechanical buzzer and a piezoelectric buzzer, among others.

Data-acquisition OS supports multichannel digital filtering 10/05/2016
The DAPL 3000 from Microstar can digitise multiple channels simultaneously, processed concurrently using a single configured task, and enabled speedier transfer of pre-processed data.

PCB design tool update enhances documentation process 06/05/2016
With Draftsman in Altium Designer 16.1, PCB designers can easily create and update documentation without ever leaving their design workspace by adding high-speed design workflows.

Lattice increases on-chip memory with expanded family of FPGAs 22/04/2016
Lattice Semiconductor has expanded its MachXO3 family of FPGAs with the addition of the MachXO3L-9400 and MachXO3LF-9400 devices available in multiple packages.

PDN analysis extension enhances PCB design platform 22/04/2016
Altium LLC and CST have brought to market what they say is a novel power distribution network (PDN) analysis extension for Altium Designer, the flagship PCB design tool from Altium.

Li-ion battery secondary protection LSI supports up to 14 cells 15/04/2016
Lapis Semiconductor's latest lithium-ion battery secondary protection LSI can support up to 14 cells in a series—the most in the industry.

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News Centre

EDN Asia News Alert: June 20, 2016 20/06/2016
Here's the latest collection of news from our new beta site. Click though on the links to read the full stories.

Google, FCA team up for self-driving tech 13/05/2016
Fiat Chrysler Automobiles will incorporate Google's technology that includes sensors as well as software, into about 100 Chrysler hybrid minivan Pacifica vehicles, media reports indicate.

Computerised system converts 3D objects into moving robots 11/05/2016
A team from Purdue University created the 'CardBoardiZer' that transforms static 3D objects into moving robotic versions made out of cardboard, wood and sheet metal in minutes.

Three prophecies for high speed serial link systems 10/05/2016
The latest DesignCon unveiled insights pertaining to the future of signal integrity, including the expected slowdown of the roll out of 28Gbit/s systems as well as roadblocks for 56Gbit/s PAM4 systems.

IEEE releases SystemC AMS standard as IEEE 1666.1-2016 05/05/2016
Accellera revealed that the SystemC AMS standard provides unique capabilities for the design and modeling of analogue/mixed-signal (AMS) applications at higher levels of design abstraction.

Marvell automotive centre boosts car Gigabit Ethernet design 03/05/2016
The Automotive Centre of Excellence will focus on the development of (Gigabit) Ethernet switches, end node SoCs (eSoCs), gateways and related software.

Network unifies design services into single programme 02/05/2016
Altera provides its DSN members streamlined access to the latest development tools, software, IP and technical support to accelerate customer FPGA and embedded design or product development.

Silicon sensor seeks to unravel mysteries of the universe 29/04/2016
Measuring only 15cm x 10cm, the sensor chips from Infineon are to be deployed at CERN, the world's largest particle physics research centre, in the hope of proving the existence of dark matter.

Hardware emulation flexibility makes big impact on ROI 29/04/2016
Hardware emulation is considered a universal verification tool and can map any design size, even in excess of a billion gates, and gives users full design visibility for thorough hardware debugging.

On-chip PVT monitoring to streamline shrinking SoC design 21/04/2016
By being aware of a device's thermal and voltage environment and where a given device is within device variation, allows system architects and circuit designers to get more from a given piece of silicon.

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