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Linear Tech unveils 140V precision op amp

15 Sep 2015

The LTC6090 amplifier is optimised for designs with high impedance inputs and sensitivity to leakage currents. It offers a 3pA input bias current, 1.6mV offset voltage and low frequency noise.

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• Use driver ICs smart thermal protection to extend LED lighting lifeNEW!
In this webinar, you will learn about the different ways to extend the lifetime of LED systems—from the basic to the very advanced methods??/p>

• A system solution for high power SMPS
you will learn about: What is a system? SMPS design and typical requirements; Infineon's products for SMPS design; A demo for the highest SMPS efficiency??

• Over temperature protection for LED lighting
This paper details how LED driver ICs with smart over temperature protection can help you increase lifetime and optimise system cost.??

Design Centre

Gravitational wave detection with LIGO 14/03/2016
Here is a brief look at the instrument LIGO, which detected a whimper of an unimaginable explosion of energy causing invisible gravitational waves emanating outward at the speed of light in all directions.

10 best electronics analyses of 2015 23/12/2015
Here are the best analyses and technical articles written by engineers for engineers that made the strongest impact to our readers this year.

Spotlight on robotics: Convergence is just around the corner 27/10/2015
AI researcher Ray Kurzweil said robotics is one of the research areas that will lead to the "singularity," a concept that argues the union of technology with human biology.

Power dust mote from piezoelectric transducer 06/10/2015
Read about a buck-boost DC/DC converter that can be used to create a single output always-on power supply that sources power for the remote dust mote.

Addressing satellite mission challenges 30/09/2015
In this article, we examine how single-event effects can affect the behaviour of an analogue multiplexer, and present the options for overcoming the variety of radiation effects encountered during satellite missions.

Precise temp measurement with semiconductor sensors 27/07/2015
In this article, we will examine some of the primary considerations for ensuring accuracy in a CMOS-based semiconductor temperature sensor.

Peek inside an industrial PLC 23/07/2015
Learn how flexibility, combined with more powerful processing, programming simplicity, and ruggedness keep PLCs at the forefront of industrial control platforms.

Low-power position sensing in extreme environments 03/07/2015
In this article, we explore the latest options for position-sensing systems that combine low power consumption with tolerance of extreme conditions.

Employ glove touch in capacitive touch UI 01/07/2015
Read about the challenges in implementing glove touch on capacitive touch buttons and how these challenges can be overcome to design a robust touch-sensing interface with glove touch capability.

Impact of IIoT on automation systems design 28/05/2015
Here is a look at the system architecture for the Industrial IoT, and the design challenges that must be solved to successfully implement IIoT-capable systems.

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Design Ideas

Relays get rid of high-voltage noise 12/05/2016
Here is a practical approach to reducing high-voltage-induced noise. A simple relay circuit cancels noise in the actuator stage of a scanning electron microscope.

Proportional power control for industrial apps 19/02/2016
In this design idea, we look into a pulsed current mirror made up of discrete transistors that drives LEDs from a low voltage, avoiding thermal runaway.

Precision temp-control with TEC Seebeck-voltage sampling 04/02/2016
Read about a thermoelectronic design that directly measures the heat flux through the TEC and then uses the measurement to better estimate and cancel the effects of thermal impedances.

MCU measures resistance without ADC 01/02/2016
In this article, we demonstrate how to configure the I/O ports of a microcontroller as an astable multi-vibrator so you can measure the resistance of a resistive sensor.

Self-resetting circuit breaker needs few parts 28/01/2016
Read about a circuit breaker that pulses power through a pass transistor when the current gets too high, thus protecting the part from excessive heat.

Enable bidirectional control for stepper motors 30/07/2015
Read about a circuit that lets you control bipolar stepper motors and run them in both rotations. It can be used in automatic devices and as an evaluation circuit for testing stepper motors.

MCU serial port measures pulse width 01/06/2015
The algorithm measures the duration between two consecutive rising edges. The microcontroller detects a rising edge or a falling edge when a received byte is neither 0xff nor 0x00.

MCU supervises 0- to 20-mA protection circuit 30/04/2015
Here's a look at a circuit that provides protection that is much faster than a fuse, wherein a microcontroller replaces fuses and trip circuits.

Examining a gate drive optocoupler 23/03/2015
The ACPL-302J is a smart gate drive optocoupler that features an integrated flyback controller for DC-DC converters. This article explores the capabilities of this component.

Designing a real-time seismic alert system 08/07/2014
LabVIEW has uses beyond instrument control, as seen in this real-time seismic alert system that utilises the Data Socket connectivity library in this design platform as part of a virtual instrument.

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Product Centre

ST rolls out 16V rail-to-rail op amps for industrial apps 18/05/2016
The four devices under the TSX7 series have a supply voltage range of 2.7V to 16V and low input bias current of 50pA maximum, targeting industrial equipment, medical instrumentation and car ECUs.

50W GaN power amp supports frequency up to 6GHz 04/05/2016
The PE15A5025 from Pasternack features a compact and rugged design, and promises high levels of output power and efficiency and has the advantage of high output load impedance.

Thick film resistors boast flameproof silicon coating 02/05/2016
Offering high voltage handling up to 15kV, Vishay Techno FHV Axial series devices are optimised for pulse applications in industrial power supplies and laboratory/medical equipment.

Network-Ready dimmable LED lighting cuts energy costs 27/04/2016
The latest line-up from Energy Focus includes dimmable tubular LED lamps that operate in direct-wire mode and dual-mode, an integrated, dimmable emergency backup TLED.

2-channel stepping motor driver supports ratings of 40V, 2A 25/04/2016
The TC78S122FNG from Toshiba is a multi-configurable bipolar stepping motor driver that can run two stepping motors independently in a high-voltage, low-power MOS process.

PTC expands IoT platform to support public device clouds 22/04/2016
In addition to offering its own device cloud service, the ThingWorx platform integrates with Amazon Web Services (AWS) IoT, and will fully support Microsoft Azure IoT Hub in July.

OS supports avionics apps with time, space-partitioned RTOS 14/04/2016
Deos, a safety-critical embedded RTOS that has been certified to DO-178 DAL A, employs patented 'slack scheduling' and cache partitioning to deliver faster worst-case response and higher CPU utilisation than any other certifiable safety-critical COTS RTOS.

Contactless development platform optimised for smart cards 03/03/2016
One of the differentiating features of NXP's MIFARE DESFire EV2 is the ability to seamlessly incorporate and add different applications onto the smart cards once they have been issued.

New NTU-made satellites complete space missions 11/02/2016
With the completion of the two new satellites' space missions, the NTU team is now ready to take on more commercial satellite payloads from companies and industry partners.

Microstepping motor driver ICs pack built-in translators 05/02/2016
The latest devices from Allegro have the output drive capability of 40V and ±2.8A and include a fixed off-time current regulator that has the ability to operate in slow-, fast- or mixed-decay modes.

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News Centre

Computerised system converts 3D objects into moving robots 11/05/2016
A team from Purdue University created the 'CardBoardiZer' that transforms static 3D objects into moving robotic versions made out of cardboard, wood and sheet metal in minutes.

MISRA updates guidelines for secure C programmes 06/05/2016
The new rules in the amended guidelines will help developers following the MISRA standard to avoid coding practises that can introduce security vulnerabilities.

IoT, wearables enter Disney Kingdom 04/05/2016
Disney invests $1 billion in the Internet of Things with Disney's Magic Band IoT system. Find out in the article how the band uses IoT to both grow revenue and increase efficiency.

Light-powered nano-engine shows promise for medical apps 04/05/2016
University of Cambridge researchers built what they describe as the world's tiniest engine that could navigate in water, sense the environment around them, or even enter living cells to fight disease.

Keysight opens second service centre in Malaysia 03/05/2016
The Selangor Service Centre boasts a modern calibration laboratory that provides factory adjustment and a full suite of OEM tests, as well as a strategic move to grow its global services business.

GaN suppliers looking to expand presence in market 05/04/2016
Price and supply issues have hindered the adoption of GaN in power semiconductors. But improvements in design and engineering may help GaN suppliers increase their footprint in the industry.

Flying blind: Can we now add autonomy to drones? 21/03/2016
Adding "autonomy" to flying drones– a pre-requisite for the proliferation of drones–would involve "a large body of work" that has barely begun.

Additive manufacturing makes headway in 3D-printed bones 01/03/2016
Southern Medical University researchers in China are working to make potentially implantable bones made using a material comprising finely ground bones layered thousands of times with biological glue.

Smart wearable robot makes three-armed drummers 19/02/2016
Researchers from the Georgia Institute of Technology developed a wearable robotic limb that can be attached to a musician's shoulder and responds to human gestures and the music it hears.

Wearables, IoT devices pack more chemical sensors 10/02/2016
Driven partly by the Internet of Things and our desire for data and control, chemical sensors are shifting from a mix of multiple discrete devices into a single, easy-to-apply chip or module.

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