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Bacteria-killing light fixture reduces hospital infections

06 Jul 2015 | Paul Buckley

The technology behind Indigo-Clean inactivates a wide range of microorganisms that are known causes of HAIs, including MRSA, C. difficile and vancomycin-resistant enterococcus (VRE).

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• Use driver ICs smart thermal protection to extend LED lighting lifeNEW!
In this webinar, you will learn about the different ways to extend the lifetime of LED systems—from the basic to the very advanced methods…

• A system solution for high power SMPS
you will learn about: What is a system? SMPS design and typical requirements; Infineon's products for SMPS design; A demo for the highest SMPS efficiency…

• Over temperature protection for LED lighting
This paper details how LED driver ICs with smart over temperature protection can help you increase lifetime and optimise system cost.…

Design Centre

Employ glove touch in capacitive touch UI 01/07/2015
Read about the challenges in implementing glove touch on capacitive touch buttons and how these challenges can be overcome to design a robust touch-sensing interface with glove touch capability.

Addressing patient leakage current issues 11/02/2015
Know the meaning of patient leakage current for medical power supplies and the various ways of reducing this leakage current for the most stringent medical applications.

Beef up security of connected medical electronics 04/02/2015
Find out how to overcome the challenge of combining the safety requirements from different medical standards and demonstrating high levels of security.

Cable material design for medical applications 17/12/2014
Delivering the optimum cable of today to a broader market segment with higher expectations is much more challenging than even a few years ago. Know the new challenges for designers, and how to overcome them.

Measure antenna ring down time for medical apps 18/08/2014
Here is how to measure the ring-down time of antennas used in nuclear magnetic resonance and electron paramagnetic resonance spectrometers.

Assessing production outlier removal techniques 25/06/2014
Learn about various outlier removal techniques that help high volume device manufacturers meet the stringent quality standards, while keeping unnecessary yield loss to a bare minimum.

Selecting passives for medical devices 06/05/2014
Here's a look at the passive component selection process to reduce hybrid and board space in medical devices.

Pulse oximetry fundamentals and MCUs 23/01/2014
Here's a primer on pulse oximeter design.

Utilising copper barrier capacitors in MRI 28/11/2013
Know the uncommon restrictions on components' magnetic properties that drive capacitor development.

Heart rate monitor with programmable SoC 14/10/2013
Here's a look at heart rate monitor design using programmable system-on-a-chip.

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Design Ideas

Designing a home health care monitoring device 09/05/2016
Here is a case study on upgrading a health monitoring device used by patients who are managing their care at home.

Sudden impact wearable design wins Element14's first prize 11/08/2015
Cosmin Iorga's impact and injury reporting device measures EEG and ECG and reports it via GSM as needed. Iorga is the first-place winner of Element14's Sudden Impact design challenge.

How to generate rotating magnetic fields electronically 10/08/2015
Find out how you can use a microcontroller and a full-bridge driver to generate variable magnetic fields without mechanical elements.

Pulse oximetry design for wearable heart monitor 23/09/2014
Here's a simple design of pulse oximetry that can be used as a stand-alone device, with the ability of monitoring heart rate and oxygen saturation.

Inductive sensing for biomedical applications 01/07/2014
A left-handed antenna based biosensor has the advantages of real-time detection, small feature size, reduced sample volume, and minor environmental disturbance.

Inductive sensing for sleep posture analysis 27/06/2014
Embedding inductive coils under an off-the-shelf mattress pad creates a multi-point position and pressure sensing system for sleep-posture analysis.

Designing non-invasive blood glucose monitor 04/11/2013
Diabetics can bid goodbye to the finger-prick if we can create non-invasive glucometers as described here.

Product Centre

Medical-grade MLCCs promise reliable life support apps 11/05/2016
The MQ series MLCCs promise the reliability performance needed by electronic life support applications such as: pacemakers, implantable cardioverter-defibrillators and neuromodulation devices.

50W GaN power amp supports frequency up to 6GHz 04/05/2016
The PE15A5025 from Pasternack features a compact and rugged design, and promises high levels of output power and efficiency and has the advantage of high output load impedance.

Thick film resistors boast flameproof silicon coating 02/05/2016
Offering high voltage handling up to 15kV, Vishay Techno FHV Axial series devices are optimised for pulse applications in industrial power supplies and laboratory/medical equipment.

0.8A step-up DC/DC converters target healthcare devices 26/04/2016
The XC9141/XC9142 series from Torex Semiconductor is aimed at home healthcare and wearable devices that necessitate space saving, advanced functionality and high efficiency.

Biosensors monitor moods, detect seizures 11/03/2016
Find out in this article how you can improve your health with early detection of seizure and stress management with mood-aware wearable devices that measure EDA.

0.6V ECG readout chip targets wearable medical apps 04/03/2016
Imec and Holst Centre developed a low cost, low power multi-sensor SoCs solution that claims to maintains consistent beat detection capabilities, even under movement (about 40mVpp).

NTU wireless neural implants allow brain data transmission 15/02/2016
NTU's smart chip will analyse and decode the thousands of signals from the neural implants in the brain, before compressing the results and sending transmission.

Optical pulse oximeter aimed at wearable, healthcare apps 09/02/2016
The MAX30102 from Maxim operates on a single 1.8V supply with a separate 5V supply for the internal LEDs and small footprint so that it easily can be integrated into the wearables market.

Maxim rolls out pulse oximeter, heart rate sensor module 15/01/2016
The MAX30102 is offered as an ultra-low power solution providing a complete system to save space and ease the design-in process for mobile and wearable devices.

Silicon Labs debuts low-power heart rate monitor 11/01/2016
The Si1144 HRM solution packs a low-power optical sensor module paired with an energy-friendly EFM32 Gecko MCU running Silicon Labs' advanced HRM algorithm.

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News Centre

Minimally-invasive prototype device monitors fetal O2 levels 12/05/2016
The WombOx team of Rice University engineering students worked with the Texas Children's Fetal Centre to create their device that could give real-time data of a fetus undergoing endoscopic fetal surgery.

Light-powered nano-engine shows promise for medical apps 04/05/2016
University of Cambridge researchers built what they describe as the world's tiniest engine that could navigate in water, sense the environment around them, or even enter living cells to fight disease.

Additive mfg allows 3D printed bones using bone powder 26/04/2016
Researchers in China are testing a new method to 3D-print bones made from actual human or animal bone powder.

Smart wearable sensors for better physiological monitoring 25/04/2016
The companies plan to design sensors that enable personalised, continuous and accurate tracking of physiological parameters such as heart rate, sleep phases, sleep quality and blood lactate.

Fujitsu develops breath sensor device for early disease detection 21/04/2016
To aid in early-detection of lifestyle diseases, Fujitsu laboratories developed a breath sensor device that extracts and measures the specified gas components correlated with diseases.

Novel system stores, retrieves digital images in DNA 18/04/2016
In one experiment, the University of Washington and Microsoft team successfully encoded digital data from four image files into the nucleotide sequences of synthetic DNA snippets.

Sweat sensors analyse state of health 24/03/2016
Using a prototype that comprises a flexible printed circuit board holding five sensors, a group of UC Berkeley engineers were able to analyse components of human sweat as indicators of health.

Apple wants to patent Emergency Alert System 14/03/2016
Apple has filed a patent for a medical monitor that sounds the alarm in cases of medical emergencies, irregularities in a user's temperature, heart rate, oxygen level or blood pressure.

Hitachi, Redlen to create PCCT semiconductor detector module 09/03/2016
The companies collaborated to develop a direct conversion semiconductor x-ray detector module needed for next-gen photon counting computed tomography systems.

Sound biometrics tech tells people apart based on ear shape 09/03/2016
NEC developed the technology that instantaneously measures acoustic characteristics using an earphone with a built-in microphone to collect earphone-generated sounds as they resonate within ear cavities.

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