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Supporting telecom power supply during brownouts

22 Mar 2016 | Samuel Kerem

Learn how to use a charge pump so that the energy stored in a small capacitor can support the operation of a brick telecom power supply during brownouts.

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• Use driver ICs smart thermal protection to extend LED lighting lifeNEW!
In this webinar, you will learn about the different ways to extend the lifetime of LED systems—from the basic to the very advanced methods??/p>

• A system solution for high power SMPS
you will learn about: What is a system? SMPS design and typical requirements; Infineon's products for SMPS design; A demo for the highest SMPS efficiency??

• Over temperature protection for LED lighting
This paper details how LED driver ICs with smart over temperature protection can help you increase lifetime and optimise system cost.??

Design Centre

PCB design: Managing power integrity analysis bottleneck 19/05/2016
Read about the technology that empowers PCB designers with fast access to the same trusted, comprehensive, and accurate IR-drop analysis functions used by the analysis experts.

Urgency in the need for corona-free customs magnetics sol'ns 28/04/2016
Bicron's latest generation of VoltBoss transformers have been developed to eliminate corona failure (dielectric breakdown) for voltages up to 4.5kV in an amazingly small one sq. in. footprint.

Prying Eyes: Shocking 12V AC adapters 26/04/2016
Prepare to be shocked with this tear down, which explores a really dirty side of Chinese manufacturing. It makes you wonder how deeply this sort of thing permeates the industry.

Exploring the realm of 12V adapters 21/04/2016
While in the process of transitioning his house to 100% LEDness, the author turned to power sources. But then the problems started.

Examining PCB layouts for power stages 15/04/2016
Here is a look at the buck, boost and single-ended primary inductor converter power stages.

Power precision SAR ADC with ultra-low power switcher 12/04/2016
Learn about a means of achieving a higher efficiency power solution for your precision successive approximation register ADC.

High voltage charge pumps minimise EMI 01/04/2016
Charge pumps used to have limited input and output voltage ranges. This is expected to change with the introduction of high voltage charge pumps.

MOSFETs burn zero power to balance supercaps 24/03/2016
In this article, we provide an example and analyse in three small steps what actually happens when SAB MOSFET goes through its balancing act.

Boost rectifier efficiency in flyback converters 15/03/2016
Know the performance limitations of drain-to-source voltage sensing-based rectifier control and how a different control principle can enable high-performance synchronous rectification in flyback converters.

Explore trade-offs of paralleling power supplies 11/03/2016
Using power supplies in parallel is an attractive and viable technique to realise benefits in inventory and stocking. However, it comes with trade-offs.

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Design Ideas

PSRR testing with analysers sans dc-bias ports 20/05/2016
Here's a technique that involves the use of an analyser that has no dc-bias port but that can characterise frequency response as low as 10 or even 1Hz.

Simple inrush-current limiter mitigates surges 19/05/2016
Read about an alternative circuit that effectively limits inrush current and does not add an extra source of heat to the power-supply package.

Cascaded converter enhances LED-drive capability 17/05/2016
Here's a look at a design idea that powers 24 white or ultraviolet LEDs in series at approximately 20 mA.

Voltage doubler uses push-pull dc/dc converter features 17/05/2016
Here is a minimal-parts-count, wide-range voltage doubler using the inherent voltage-doubling characteristics of a one-transformer push-pull dc/dc converter.

Dual transistor boosts current-sense circuit 16/05/2016
In this article, we demonstrate a two-transistor circuit that eliminates variation in output due to temperature.

Monitoring, balancing large lithium-ion batteries 16/05/2016
In this article, we provide one strategy for protecting and balancing large, high-voltage batteries.

WLED driver operates down to 1.2V supply voltage 13/05/2016
This circuit trumps commercially available LED drivers, which bottom out at 2.5V input voltage, by operating at voltages as low as 1V.

Relays get rid of high-voltage noise 12/05/2016
Here is a practical approach to reducing high-voltage-induced noise. A simple relay circuit cancels noise in the actuator stage of a scanning electron microscope.

Op-amp integrator ramps up/down, holds output level 06/05/2016
Read about a single-supply op-amp circuit that outputs a rising or falling linear-voltage ramp in response to a step change of a positive dc-input voltage of 0V to V<SUB>CC</SUB>.

Switcher incorporates programmable-PWM-duty-cycle clamp 05/05/2016
In this article, we show how to add an inexpensive duty-cycle clamp to these PWM controllers.

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Product Centre

Automotive-grade capacitors feature extended voltage range 19/05/2016
Vishay Intertechnology announced that the voltage range for its automotive-grade 146 CTI and 160 CLA series of surface-mount aluminum capacitors was extended to 100V and 80V, respectively.

Booster-less gate drivers for MOSFETs, IGBTs go up to 8A 19/05/2016
The Scale-iDriver galvanically isolated single-channel gate-driver ICs from Power Integrations bring the FluxLink magneto-inductive bidirectional communication technology to 1.2kV driver applications.

SMT power inductors support inductance up to 30μH 13/05/2016
The ERU19 choke series from TDK boasts saturation currents range from 10.1ADC to 43ADC, and is geared for operating temperatures of between -40°C and 150°C.

Power conversion platform targets renewable energy design 13/05/2016
The combination of ADI's iCoupler digital isolation technology with the mixed-signal processor design eases system design for power inverter makers while also improving system safety and reliability.

62mm all-SiC power module enables faster switching speed 12/05/2016
The latest devices from Wolfspeed promise exceptional efficiency and power density for high current power electronics such as: converters/inverters, motor drives, industrial electronics and EVs.

Synchronous buck converter simplifies USB Type-C designs 06/05/2016
The MAX77596 from Maxim operates from a supply as low as 3.5V and as high as 24V, regulating from conventional 5V USB power, as well as the 20V upper end of the PD range.

1MHz Hall-effect current sensor boasts 210ns response time 05/05/2016
The ACS730 from Allegro claims to offer an economical and precise solution for AC or DC current sensing, and is aimed at industrial, commercial and communications systems.

3-phase converter delivers 5kW of reliable power 04/05/2016
The D2U5T-H3-5000-380-HU3C operates from utility-grade, three-phase AC power to deliver 5kW of reliable power to 380V distributed power systems, HVDC data centres and other industrial applications.

Automotive buck regulators flaunt adjustable frequency 27/04/2016
Allegro MicroSystems released the A8586 provides up to 3.5A output current, while the A8587 has output current of up to 2A, aimed at power supply requirements of infotainment systems.

16bit low power MCU prolongs rechargeable NiMH apps 26/04/2016
The ML620130 from LAPIS Semiconductor is optimised for compact industrial equipment requiring battery drive in noisy environments, touting high processing capability with low power consumption.

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News Centre

Fusing DDC with low voltage tech for IoT, wearables 25/04/2016
The team up aims to develop a best-in-class extreme-low power (ELP) platform for IC fabrication with the associated ecosystem to enable chip designs for energy-critical wearable and IoT devices.

Stanley Electric slashes power use with help from Fujitsu 06/04/2016
Fujitsu built a system for Stanley Electric that collects in real time, and centrally monitors at Stanley Electric headquarters, the power used by its companies, including 27 principal plants.

GaN suppliers looking to expand presence in market 05/04/2016
Price and supply issues have hindered the adoption of GaN in power semiconductors. But improvements in design and engineering may help GaN suppliers increase their footprint in the industry.

GaN takes centre stage in Google Little Box Challenge 08/03/2016
A $1 million grand prize was awarded to CE+T's Red Electrical Devils from Belgium, for designing, building and demonstrating an inverter with the highest power density and smallest volume.

What's the best way to power the Internet of Things? 28/01/2016
IoT applications tend to have similar power requirements. The average power for remote monitors is typically low, with an occasional need to measure and broadcast data in a bursty fashion.

Monday Quiz: Test your knowledge of power MOSFETs 21/12/2015
Power MOSFETS are used in power supplies for just about every application, for they are the devices that ultimately deliver the power to load.

Novel algorithm promises to significantly cut energy costs 18/12/2015
An innovative technology from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore could help companies and factories reduce their energy bills by as much as 10 per cent.

Top 3 tech developments in 2015 16/12/2015
EDN Asia reviewed some of the most valuable inventions and developments in the electronics industry, and chose three innovations that made the biggest impact to our readers.

Microsupercapacitors enable powerful energy storage 09/12/2015
Rice University researchers used laser-induced graphene to develop flexible microsupercapacitors that can charge 50 times faster than batteries and discharge more slowly than traditional capacitors.

Paper-based power generators aimed at wearable devices 27/11/2015
University of Ulsan researchers were able to generate an open-circuit voltage of 1.5V at a frequency of about 1Hz, with a short-circuit current of 0.38A for a device only a few centimetres square.

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