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Reduce measurement errors in RTD circuits

16 Feb 2016 | Gordon Lee

To get the most from an RTD, you need to properly adapt it to an ADC for digitizing. Learn how to accomplish this.

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• Use driver ICs smart thermal protection to extend LED lighting lifeNEW!
In this webinar, you will learn about the different ways to extend the lifetime of LED systems—from the basic to the very advanced methods??/p>

• A system solution for high power SMPS
you will learn about: What is a system? SMPS design and typical requirements; Infineon's products for SMPS design; A demo for the highest SMPS efficiency??

• Over temperature protection for LED lighting
This paper details how LED driver ICs with smart over temperature protection can help you increase lifetime and optimise system cost.??

Design Centre

Rule of thumb: Aspect ratio for 50Ω microstrip 20/05/2016
In this article, we can explore what the ratio is for a specific value of Dk (dielectric constant) and conductor thickness.

Signal processing improves digitizer performance 18/05/2016
In this article, we investigate the application of several signal processing tools including averaging, FFT and filtering.

Knob-less touch-screen tablet oscilloscope packs a punch 17/05/2016
The TO202A from Micsig comes in at a nice price-point compared to similar devices on the market, while offering a great feature set, and also comes in a battery powered version.

Design for low-noise feedback control with MEMS gyroscopes 17/05/2016
Noise in the angular rate feedback loops can have a direct influence on key performance criteria, so it should be a consideration as early as possible in the design process for a new system.

Guide to proficiency test results interpretation 05/05/2016
Proficiency testing is analogous to a surveillance activity for assessing the quality and uniformity of tests and measurements performed in a laboratory.

Minimising FPGA debug time 29/04/2016
Learn about an incremental debug methodology that enables FPGA designers to deliver debugged designs quickly and easily, ensuring design integrity and robustness.

Moving scan test out of critical path 06/04/2016
In this article, we look into the advantages of moving the DFT insertion and pattern generation earlier in the flow, thereby taking DFT out of the critical development paths.

Don't COMmit same mistakes made with jitter 31/03/2016
As channel operating margin (COM) is built from different measurements and includes the results of models, there are many ways for it to fail. Find out how to avoid this.

Scientific results evaluation: Irreproducible results 29/03/2016
In this instalment, we will how you how easy it is for the demons of random processes to wipe out otherwise convincing results.

Building stimulus-response system with AWG, digitiser 18/03/2016
Combining modular digitisers and arbitrary waveform generators in one system provides a cost effective and efficient way to meet an extensive range of automated test requirements.

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Design Ideas

PSRR testing with analysers sans dc-bias ports 20/05/2016
Here's a technique that involves the use of an analyser that has no dc-bias port but that can characterise frequency response as low as 10 or even 1Hz.

Single IC forms low-cost inductance tester 18/05/2016
In this article, we show how to build a reliable, low-cost, and simple inductance tester. The basis for the tester is a Pierce buffered CMOS oscillator.

CPLD's internal oscillator does autocalibration 11/05/2016
Read about an autocalibration sequence that synchronises a CPLD's internal oscillator with an external crystal oscillator, enabling ±0.3% accuracy.

Circuits guard outputs against over-voltage 04/05/2016
Find out how to add a solid-state relay and control circuitry to an amplifier's output to provide over-voltage protection.

Low-cost way to measure motor speed 29/04/2016
In this article, we present a microcontroller-based circuit that provides both an LCD readout and an analogue motor-speed output.

Mixed-signal-THD analyser for power-line distortion 28/04/2016
To measure this distortion, you can use a mixed-signal-THD analyser to monitor the fundamental frequency amplitude and the second-, third-, fourth-, and fifth-harmonic content of the input signal.

Thermoelectric-cooler unipolar drive achieves stable temp 26/04/2016
Peltier devices can both heat and cool, depending on the direction of current flow. This article shows an implementation of the concept in a high-performance PID-feedback loop.

Nulling out background illumination 25/04/2016
In optical spectroscopy, a correct intensity measurement of the probe beam is crucial during material characterisation.

Designing a pocket-sized continuity tester 18/04/2016
A pocket-sized continuity tester responds quickly to shorts or opens and is protected against connection to a live circuit.

AC-continuity tester detects single-ended faults 11/04/2016
Here is a continuity tester that injects an AC signal into the conductors of a cable to find circuit faults.

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Product Centre

Test software for USB 3.1 Type-C designs ensures compliance 13/05/2016
Keysight unveiled the U7243B USB 3.1 transmitter performance validation and compliance test software that promises accurate test results to cut development costs and ease measurement processes.

Synchro/resolver input PCIe board promises accurate testing 11/05/2016
DDC's the SB-3625XKX board claims to offer an easy and flexible solution for angular measurement testing in production screening and prototype evaluation.

Test fixture isolates NVMe U.2 drives in data storage system 11/05/2016
The PCIe Dual Port U.2 Transposer Set from Teledyne packs four adapters, each of which delivers a unique test configuration required by various mission critical systems.

What makes NI's most accurate DMM tick? 05/05/2016
National Instruments has claimed a couple of firsts with its PXIe-4081 7½-digit digital multi-meter (DMM): it is the first PXI Express DMM and it is the most accurate. So how does NI make it so accurate?

Logic simulator silos aim to cut verification debug time 28/04/2016
CM Engineering and Silvaco announced that the SpecInsight family of products provided by CM Engineering now supports Silvaco's logic simulator Silos.

Keysight unveils PCIe 12bit card performing at real-time FFTs 26/04/2016
Keysight's FFT application has an input bandwidth of up to 1.4GHz at 3.2 Gsamples/s and resolution of 97.66kHz per spectral line. The application provides highly improved fixed-point arithmetic that eliminates deteriorating effects.

Pacific Instruments unveils data acquisition systems 21/04/2016
The PI 7200 and PI 7300 DAS from Pacific Instruments target applications such as wind tunnels, engine test stands, or wherever the DAS needs to be located on or near the test article.

ECT probes support non-destructive testing of PV products 12/04/2016
The SPP-25 probes boast low, stable resistance, a centre close for enhanced pointing accuracy, tip styles designed to distribute spring force across a large area, and two force options.

Handheld insulation testers allow test voltage of 10V-1,000V 11/04/2016
Four models are available, all of which enable insulation testing from 2GΩ to 200GΩ, and operate on 6AA standard or rechargeable batteries with options for AC power and car charging.

Software solution from Anritsu supports LTE-A, 4x4 MIMO 08/04/2016
The latest software release strengthens the wireless test functions of Anritsu's all-in-one Radio Communication Analyser MT8821C and enhances parameter search features.

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News Centre

Keysight opens second service centre in Malaysia 03/05/2016
The Selangor Service Centre boasts a modern calibration laboratory that provides factory adjustment and a full suite of OEM tests, as well as a strategic move to grow its global services business.

Hardware emulation flexibility makes big impact on ROI 29/04/2016
Hardware emulation is considered a universal verification tool and can map any design size, even in excess of a billion gates, and gives users full design visibility for thorough hardware debugging.

Quiz: On oscilloscopes, Part 3 25/04/2016
Take the last of three consecutive weeks of oscilloscope quizzes based on a series of articles.

More test equipment at ESC Boston 2016 day 2 15/04/2016
The second day of ESC Boston 2016 saw a larger number of test equipment, ranging from handheld oscilloscopes from Rohde & Schwarz to Rigol Technologies' 7.5 GHz spectrum analyser.

Teledyne LeCroy moves into video protocols with new purchase 15/04/2016
Teledyne LeCroy is expanding its protocol solutions offerings to include video protocols such as HDMI and SDI following its acquisition of Quantum Data Inc.

ESC Boston 2016 opens with Test and Measurement 14/04/2016
ESC Boston opens its doors for its 2016 run with test and measurement, with a focus on bench equipment. Also up for demonstrations are oscilloscopes with UI upgrade and arbitrary waveform generators.

Keysight, Bluetest team up to simplify advanced OTA solutions 14/04/2016
Keysight has integrated its UXM Wireless Test Set into Bluetest's reverberation chamber OTA test solutions, enabling mutual customers to make measurements quickly and with confidence.

Wireless oscilloscope connects to iOS devices 13/04/2016
The Aeroscope, developed by engineers from Keysight Technologies, is an iOS-based oscilloscope that pinches gestures for setting vertical and horizontal sensitivity.

Quiz: Oscilloscope Tricks, Part 1 11/04/2016
There's so much more to a digital oscilloscope than using it to look at waveforms. In this first of a series, we look at some of the things you can do, but probably didn't know about.

Trending: Could test equipment be the prototype itself? 05/04/2016
National Instruments, in its latest trend report, talks about using test equipment not merely as a way to test prototypes, but as the prototype itself.

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